To do:

Written by Laurent Marechal - 17 february 2015

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To Do:

  • download page to turn in plugins
  • cleanup non used pluging
  • Add a cache ?? here
  • Integration de wikiss en plugin. See file download

Diamonds, gold, emeralds.....

Written by Laurent Marechal - 09 february 2015

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This one took more time, Several pass and improvement. As I was using the cycle renderer, brands new thing to learn.

Started by following a tutorial for diamond to play with light, added several of them, then gold rings. And modified a little everything.


Snow... at least.

Written by Laurent Marechal - 12 january 2015

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Well, it;s falling and melting even before it touch the ground.... But this is still snow.

Found a nice tutorial on snowman and compositing. Had a try at it and here is the result.


Rendering from memory, traditional table and chair

Written by Laurent Marechal - 08 january 2015

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I decided to see what I still remembered from Blender.

So I started by a table then added a chair. Simple and looks bad. But after so many years not touching any 3D I still think it's not bad.


Back in Blended, restart from scratch.

Written by Laurent Marechal - 04 january 2015

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I did try to use Blender several time. Each time the interface just killed me.

Since a few version, there was a lot of improvement and I decided to try again. Not that I'm good at 3D. Got some experience with 3DSMax and Autocad in the past, but that was a long time ago. At this time, I'am browsing the net for tutorials and manual. I always learn best by doing and not by blindly reading a book or following a course.

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