New project.... first view

Written by Laurent Marechal - 03 march 2015

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Here it is, will be inspired by "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".

Not sure yet how it will develop. But this is is fully from scratch.




Windows 10 UI Concept

Written by Laurent Marechal - 23 february 2015

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Interface concept published on DeviantArt by SolMiler
This looks wonderful. A nice mix of multiple UI type.
Would love to have this UI on Windows (or Ux)




To do:

Written by Laurent Marechal - 17 february 2015

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To Do:

  • download page to turn in plugins
  • cleanup non used pluging
  • Add a cache ?? here
  • Integration de wikiss en plugin. See file download

Diamonds, gold, emeralds.....

Written by Laurent Marechal - 09 february 2015

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This one took more time, Several pass and improvement. As I was using the cycle renderer, brands new thing to learn.

Started by following a tutorial for diamond to play with light, added several of them, then gold rings. And modified a little everything.


Snow... at least.

Written by Laurent Marechal - 12 january 2015

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Well, it;s falling and melting even before it touch the ground.... But this is still snow.

Found a nice tutorial on snowman and compositing. Had a try at it and here is the result.


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