Procedural Rock/Mountain Shader in Blender

Written by Laurent Marechal - 07 october 2021

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Hey hey. So here's quick tutorial on making the metabolic mountains. Obviously looks a lot better in cycles because this is all been run through the displacement channel cuz it's displacement mode. And with EV you're not gonna get that edge break up in the the protrusions on the edges of everything. So I was thinking with AV you could just convert it to a mesh. And then added a displacement modifier tool and Um where's the spice? Here we go. And then add a new texture. Texture maybe distorted clouds. Probably on the size heaps bigger. And then So you can sort of get something happening there. If you played around with like different noise types and even like a musgrave with dimension some hierarchys. Yeah I'm not sure. I haven't played around for optimising for EV yet. I've just been using cycles but I'm I reckon it is possible. So good thing about this and using metabolics is even on say like 2. which is pretty high it's still pretty responsive like there's not much slow down and it still looks pretty good and you're getting that slight displacement but it's mostly the bump map that's doing all the heavy lifting so because we're running this into the displace channel We're getting displacement in bump obviously. For the texture. It's just ridge multi fractal. This is all just one texture. And it does take a bit of tweaking to get it to look right. Like I noticed you've gotta pump the gain right up to get a lot of those high frequency details. And you've also gotta play with the offset and clamping it with a colour ramp helps as well. Um helps you adjust a little bit of the displacement. And for the height not even using that much. Only one. 3. And then to get the the vertical look I just stretched out the Z channel. And if you wanna squish it down you can get some more horizontal. Sort of rocky look and stuff. But you just gotta be careful with your texture that if you start getting this weird protrusions. That look really artificial. You might want to play with your mid levels and also your height and just tweak it and make it look a bit more natural or drop your your resolution settings for your metabolics and then to get a bit more variation it's just a matter of duplicating and using a mix. Then changing the values on one so they're slightly different. So straight away we've got a heaps more rocky sort of look. And you can change all your mix types and start getting some some more rigid looks. All that good stuff. And I've just been layering different different textures. So this one here I've got a a hybrid multi fractal. With a ridge multi fractal. With a difference which sort of gives it a bit more of a smoother look with a couple of sort of like ridgeways. For this one I made it a bit more dense and a mix between three. So it was a a voranoid texture. A ridge multi fractal. Those can go and then just another musgrave FPM texture just for the lighten just sort of tweaking little things here and there. Just support different shapes and variations. If you're wondering how the grass is done. We're just mixing between two materials. Could probably just move out of thirty. I should probably clean this up a bit. So we've got rocky texture, grass texture. And we're mixing between the two. By separating out the normal coordinates. So these are normals. And then we separate XYZ. So we get the tops of everything. Then we use a multiply just to sharpen it up a bit. And an ad for a bit more control. And then we clamp it with a colour ramp. And then run that into the mixed shoulder. Um yeah it's pretty much it and for the grass texture. I just added another rigid. Multi fractal. Doesn't need to be too good cuz most of the stuff has sort of been seen from a bit of a distance. But just to give the grass a bit of texture. And Oh that was this one. That's the grass texture though. And then just a a little bit of a bridge multi fractal again run into the bump map just give a little bit more high frequency details. And that's pretty much it. So mixing between two materials for the the grass on top. And everything else is just being run through a displacement channel. Um what else? Yeah that's pretty much it. What else have I got with it? So I was going for some more eroded looks but it looks like there's a bit more thermal erosion border erosion or something. And again like I'm only using point three for the resolution. If I go down to point two it doesn't change it that much from a distance. And if all this is just gonna be seen from a distance you don't really need that much on displacement detail. So that starts looking a little bit little bit weird. So point3's pretty good. Um for this texture I just mix between two bridge multi fractals with a multiply and inverted one. So that's what it would look like normally. And then inverting it. And I've inverted the scale as well both so instead of protruding outwards it all brings it in you get these cavernous areas. Um and for the color I'm using all this to draw the color for the rocks. Which helps. So this will be the rock texture here. And I'm using all the the texture just driven into this color amp. So changing the colours sort of suits the actual one. Actual texture that it's meant to be following. And that's pretty much it. So, I hope I hope that helps.

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