How to make an Isometric Scene in Blender 2.8

Written by Marechal Laurent - 06 march 2020

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In this time-lapse tutorial, I'll be showing you how I created this simple and sweet isometric scene in Blender 2.8. We'll be sticking with Cycles render engine for this one to really get that surreal look!


Welcome to RenderRides! I've been working on this tutorial for a while now to make sure it's the best quality possible. I ran into a lot of problems during the previous tutorial and that caused a lot of glitches in the final video. I feel like I didn't put much time into it. But I really took my time with this one and made sure it wasn't as long, and it wasn't as bad! I think the quality difference is pretty astonishing and yes, I'm very satisfied with this one! I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did making it!

Special thanks to Nitrogen for the different colored version of this scene!

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Blender Guru's intermediate tutorial series:

This series also includes a UV unwrapping tutorial, i.e.

CG Geek's Interior Design Tutorial:


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