27 Addons more for Blender 2.81

Written by Laurent Marechal - 21 november 2019

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Site d'origine : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k109JhyFPjg

And 27 addons or plugins more. These add-ons work in Blender 2.81 and also Blender 2.8. You will see an indication in the top what addon is discussed, and what the Next and Previous addons are. For links to the downloads, check: https://blender-addons.org/

The order of addons discussed:
AnimAll Addon
Bendy Bone Handles Addon
BlendluxCore Addon
Code Editor Addon
Commontion Addon
CubeSurfer Addon
EasyFX Addon
Export Paper Model Addon
EZ lattice Addon
Flexi Bezier Tool
Make Human
Molecular Script Addon
Node Expressions Addon
Optiloops Addon
Piperator Addon
PolyQuilt Addon
Real Time Animation Addon
Retopo MT Addon
SoftMod Addon
Softwrap Addon
Sorcar Addon
Techdraw Addon
Texture Paint Layers Addon
Texture Synthesis Addon
Welder Addon
Wiggle Bones Addon
Wonder Mesh Addon

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